Self Care is essential for healers

Care for yourself at deep levels of your core energetic essence and earn CEs with my Energy Medicine online courses, all accredited by the NCBTMB.


You are the Healing Instrument...


You work in the healing professions

So you know

Your work is only as good as you are

Because you are the healing instrument.

If you are having an “off” day

Or going through a difficult time

It shows.

The good news is

There is something you can do about that!

Self-Care is essential to your profession and

essential to your future.

This is a self-care program that can sustain you

on all levels

Body - Heart - Mind - Soul

It's based in the latest cutting edge research

And you get to pick where you want to start.

The Most Comprehensive Online Training in Energy Medicine Self-Care Available Today

Let's face it, doing bodywork can take its toll. It demands a lot from you on all levels. You need effective self-care that doesn't require a lot of time. Energy is primary and working at that level is amazingly efficient.

Nurture yourself on deeper levels - the physical/vital, emotional, mental and spiritual - in an embodied way so you can replenish yourself, and your clients, on all levels.

These courses go deep. You don't just watch and read. You take action, with proven exercises, tools, tips and techniques. This is interactive community learning with an engaged instructor who is available to you throughout the experience.

Work online at your own pace from the comfort of your own home with a mix of learning modalities including video, audio, worksheets and assignments. This combination of research, theory, concepts and embodied learning makes all the difference and provides lasting results.

You pick where you want to start.

Although the courses were designed to build on each other, they can be taken in any order. Each course is complete in itself...

Develop Your
Internal Senses

4 CEs - $97
Just as we have "outer senses" that guide us in navigating the external world, we have internal senses that guide us in navigating our inner world. In this course, learn to hone your 7 internal senses. Combined, these seven senses act as your inner guidance system to help you navigate inside yourself and access your inner healing powers.

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Discover Your
Four Energy Bodies

4 CEs - $97
You have 4 bodies in one! Sometimes called energy fields, your energy bodies extend beyond you, but also make up your inner landscape. This is an intro to your vital, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Discover how they work together and assess the current condition of each of your energy bodies.

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Use & Care of Your Vital Body

8 CEs - $197
Your life force energy is the most precious resource. Without it you can't function on any level. Discover what its made of, where this vital energy really comes from, and how to protect and preserve it as I guide you through the Dos and Don'ts of sustaining consistent energy levels.

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Use & Care of Your Emotional Body

8 CEs - $197
This is the most neglected body of all. If your emotions seem to get out of control, or if you feel empty and cut off from feelings, this course can awaken your passion, bringing you emotional freedom and dynamic peace.

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Use & Care of Your Mental Body

8 CEs - $197
If you overthink things, if you are a worrier, if you have runaway thoughts, if you tend toward negative self-talk, this course is for you. Enhance mental focus, concentration and creativity. Learn to master your mind (or your mind will master you)!

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Use & Care Your Universal Body

8 CEs - $197
This is it! The mother lode! Once you have mastered your other energy bodies it's time to work (and play!) at the level of  consciousness itself and learn how to reliably communicate with your Higher Self.

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Allow Me to be Your Guide

I have over 25 years of experience supporting people in the healing professions using powerful energy medicine and mind-body integration techniques.

My PhD is from Ohio State University with a background in energy medicine and emphasis in energy psychology.

I have been teaching, writing and presenting on these topics for over 25 years, including co-presenting with Biology of Belief author Bruce Lipton, PhD, and Bruce endorsed my book Endless Energy: The Essential Guide to Energy Health.

I live in Hawaii and am a Wellness Consultant at Four Seasons Resort Maui.

In these interactive online trainings you have easy access to me while I provide you with user-friendly tools, a clear map that charts every step of the way, easy to follow directions, and I'll never leave your side (unless you want me to)!

Take Advantage of my
Money Back Guarantee

Enroll now and experience the course. If you are not completely satisfied just let me know within three days and I will personally refund every penny--no questions asked.

This is a 100% risk-free opportunity....


What People Are Saying About Debra's Courses

Lane Therrell

Debra is a talented instructor and guide, who has the ability to make abstract concepts concrete. She brings a real-world, matter-of-fact perspective to energy healing. She includes credible sources and resources to support the content of her program. Even though I have studied energy medicine for years, I learned something new in every module.

Joan Marie Wood

I’ve learned a tremendous amount about my energy bodies, how to sense them and care for them, and this learning continues to have significant positive impacts in my life. I deeply appreciate Debra’s in-depth knowledge of energy work, her warm support, and how she’s carefully structured her program, complete with many varied exercises that help us grow. She invites questions and responds immediately. I highly recommend Debra's classes.

Manuel Gomez, MA

Debra is a fantastic teacher! She is able to synthesize a wealth of energy medicine concepts and bring them down to earth. Her classes are filled with up to date scientific information and exercises that I have applied successfully with clients and my in personal life. I recommend her training to expand your knowledge on the use of subtle energies in your daily life.

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