Profound Self-Care based in Energy Medicine

You can take the courses in order, or pick and choose where to start based on your needs.

Refining Your Internal Senses

4 CEs - $147
Just as we have "outer senses" that guide us in navigating the external world, we have internal senses that guide us in navigating our inner world. In this course, learn to hone your 7 internal senses. Combined, these seven senses act as your inner guidance system to help you navigate inside yourself and access your inner healing.

  • Harness your attention
  • Access the power of intention
  • Develop your mind's eye
  • Assess your self-talk
  • Refine your inner GPS
  • Learn to control time
  • Use your internal senses to alter physical reality
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Intro to Your Four Energy Bodies

4 CEs - $147
You have 4 bodies in one! Sometimes called energy fields, your energy bodies extend beyond you, but also make up your inner landscape. This is an intro to your vital, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Discover how they work together and assess the current condition of each of your energy bodies.

  • Use your 7 internal senses
  • Hone your inner GPS
  • Explore a reliable map of your interior
  • Assess each of your four energy bodies
  • Fill in highlights of your personal map
  • Discover how your bodies work together
  • Find the hidden aspect holding you back
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Use & Care of Your Vital Body

8 CEs - $297
Your life force energy is the most precious resource. Without it you can't function on any level. Discover what its made of and how to protect it as I guide you through the Dos and Don'ts of sustaining consistent energy levels.

  • Find your true energy source
  • Sense your energy body
  • Discover and protect yourself from the 7 energy thieves
  • Explore your energy anatomy
  • Become self-energizing (without artificial stimulants) 
  • Relax when you want to
  • Bounce back when you need to
  • Recharge using your own energy
  • Modulate your energy levels
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Use & Care of Your Emotional Body

8 CEs - $297
This is the most neglected body of all. If your emotions seem to get out of control, or if you feel empty and cut off from feelings, this course can awaken your passion, bringing you emotional freedom and dynamic peace.

  • Find your emotional body type
  • Discover the current condition of your emotional body
  • Avoid the two habitual unhealthy emotional modes
  • Let go of difficult emotions quickly and easily
  • De-escalate emotionally charged situations
  • Express difficult feelings in healthy, constructive ways
  • Change the energy of "negative" feelings in an instant
  • Expand love and compassion
  • Improve and deepen your relationships
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Use & Care of Your Mental Body

8 CEs - $297
If you overthink things, if you are a worrier, if you have runaway thoughts, if you tend toward negative self-talk, this course is for you. Enhance mental focus, concentration and creativity. Learn to master your mind (or your mind will master you)!

  • Maximize your mental capacity
  • Discover the difference between your brain and your mind
  • Shut your thoughts off when you want to
  • Discover your "second mind"
  • Explore the behaviors of thought-forms
  • Work directly with thought-forms
  • Clear your mind at will
  • Release repetitive or invasive thoughts
  • Increase mental clarity and sharpen focus
  • Expand your power to manifest intentions
  • Hone your psychic abilities
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Use & Care of Your Spiritual Body

8 CEs - $297
This is it! The mother lode! Once you have mastered your other energy bodies it's time to work (and play!) at the level of  consciousness itself and to learn how to reliably communicate with your Higher Self.

  • Discover the five dimensions of consciousness
  • Assess your current level of consciousness
  • Expand your intuition
  • Access higher states of consciousness
  • Connect with your Higher Self
  • Establish reliable communication with your Higher Self
  • Discern Higher Self messages
  • Transform energetic distortions
  • Recalibrate your system to higher frequencies
  • Experience unity consciousness
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Sharing these powerful tips, tools and techniques with you through my NCBTMB accredited courses is my pleasure and passion. If you have any questions about the course offerings please contact me, I'd love to hear from you....

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