Learn Energy Mastery so You Can Transform Obstacles with Grace and Ease and Consistently Connect with Your Higher Self


Develop Your
Inner GPS

The journey starts with honing your seven internal senses. Combined, these seven senses act as your navigational system as we explore your four main energy bodies.

Use & Care for Your
4 Energy Bodies

Take a deep dive into the Use and Care of each of your four main energy bodies--the vital, emotional, mental and spiritual--grounded in the art and science of subtle energies.

Reliably Connect
with Your Higher Self

This is what it's all about! Learn innovative tools, tips and techniques so you can establish and maintain secure connection and reliable communication with your Higher Self.

Have you hit a bump-in-the-road on your personal growth path?   

You've done the personal growth programs.

You've read the self-help books.

You've been on the spiritual path for years.

You have abundant awareness...

Yet you find that you repeat the same pattern over and over again.

And are at a loss for how to change that.

So frustrating to feel so stuck!

Or maybe you've been thrown off track by a major life event.

- a divorce

- a job loss

- a diagnosis

And you feel lost...

Almost like you don't know who you are anymore.

Because things are so different now...

Are you unsure of what direction you want your life to go?

Or maybe you've simply hit a plateau on your growth path.

Things are all too familiar.

Do you feel complacent?


You know there must be more...

But what is it?

Are you ready to advance your growth and take it to the next level?

Are you ready for self-actualization?

Learn Energy Mastery so you can transform inner obstacles--on all levels--with precision, grace and ease and consistently connect with your Higher Self

Transform Your Life using the Art & Science of Applied Energetics

Allow Me to be Your Guide

The journey into your own mind can fraught with obstacles.

Not knowing which direction to go.

Not exactly knowing what you're looking for.

Taking a few detours along the way.

Sometimes getting lost...

But knowing you need to find that missing piece and make that shift.

Allow me to be your guide so you can relax and enjoy the journey!

I have over 20 years of experience helping people navigate their inner realms to easily make sense of what they find and discover important new areas to adventure along the way.

My PhD is from Ohio State University with a background in energy medicine and emphasis in energy psychology.

I have been teaching, writing and presenting about these topics for over 20 years, including co-presenting with Biology of Belief author Bruce Lipton, PhD.

I live in Hawaii and am a Wellness Consultant at Four Seasons Resort Maui.

In this training I provide you with user-friendly navigational tools, a clear map that charts every step of the way, easy to follow directions, and I'll never leave your side (unless you want me to!).

The Most Comprehensive Online Training in Energy Medicine Self-Care Available Today

With Energy Mastery you get step-by-step instructions for proven exercises, tools, tips and techniques that address you as the multidimensional being that you are--vital, emotional, mental and spiritual. This isn't just research, theory and concepts... it's hands-on, and it's all about lasting results.

New material is released each month. Work at your own pace through the short videos/audios, worksheets and assignments that require about 5 hours per month total. Of course, with inner work, you can stretch or shrink that according to your needs.

Here's what you get in the training...


  • Develop your 7 internal senses
  • Hone your inner GPS
  • Explore a reliable map of your interior
  • Fill in highlights of your personal map
  • Find the hidden aspect holding you back
  • Learn how to control time
  • Use your internal senses to alter physical reality


  • Find your true energy source
  • Sense your energy body
  • Discover the seven energy thieves
  • Protect yourself from the energy thieves
  • Explore your energy anatomy
  • Become self-energizing (without artificial stimulants) 
  • Relax when you want to
  • Bounce back when you need to
  • Recharge using your own energy
  • Modulate your energy levels


  • Find your emotional body type
  • Manage the energy frequencies of emotions
  • Reveal powerful hidden emotions
  • Discover the current condition of your emotional body
  • Avoid the two habitual unhealthy emotional modes
  • Let go of difficult emotions quickly and easily
  • Awaken your passion
  • De-escalate emotionally charged situations
  • Express difficult feelings in healthy, constructive ways
  • Change the energy of "negative" feelings in an instant
  • Expand love and compassion
  • Improve and deepen your relationships


  • Maximize your mental capacity
  • Discover the difference between your brain and your mind
  • Shut your thoughts off when you want to
  • Discover your "second mind"
  • Explore the behaviors of thought-forms
  • Work directly with thought-forms
  • Clear your mind at will
  • Release repetitive or invasive thoughts
  • Increase mental clarity and sharpen focus
  • Expand your power to manifest intentions
  • Hone your psychic abilities


  • Discover the five dimensions of consciousness
  • Assess your current level of consciousness
  • Expand your intuition
  • Access higher states of consciousness
  • Connect with your Higher Self
  • Establish reliable communication with your Higher Self
  • Discern Higher Self messages
  • Transform energetic distortions
  • Recalibrate your system to higher frequencies
  • Experience unity consciousness

30 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

Enroll now and if you are not completely satisfied just let me know within 30 days and I will personally refund every penny--no questions asked.

Take advantage of my generous 30 day money back guarantee.

What People Are Saying About Energy Mastery

Lane Therrell

Debra is a talented instructor and guide, who has the ability to make abstract concepts concrete. She brings a real-world, matter-of-fact perspective to energy healing. She includes credible sources and resources to support the content of her program. Even though I have studied energy medicine for years, I learned something new in every module.

Joan Marie Wood

I’ve learned a tremendous amount about my energy bodies, how to sense them and care for them, and this learning continues to have significant positive impacts in my life. I deeply appreciate Debra’s in-depth knowledge of energy work, her warm support, and how she’s carefully structured her program, complete with many varied exercises that help us grow. She invites questions and responds immediately. I highly recommend Energy Mastery.

Manuel Gomez, MA

Debra is a fantastic teacher! She is able to synthesize a wealth of energy medicine concepts and bring them down to earth. Her program is filled with up to date scientific information and exercises that I have applied successfully with clients and my in personal life. I recommend her training to expand your knowledge on the use of subtle energies in your daily life.

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