Discover Your Emotional Body Type and Reveal Its Secrets. Get Off the Emotional Roller Coaster and Move Forward with Calm Confidence in 9 Weeks or Less


Discover Your Emotional Body Type

Begin by exploring the energy centers that influence emotional body types. Then discover your body type so you can understand yourself and others on a deeper level.

Reveal Your Body's Specific Secrets

Explore each emotional body type along with its qualities, traits and tendencies. Discover how body types interact and what you can do to keep your emotional body fit and healthy.

Enjoy Emotional Body Health

Craft a "unique to you" simple yet powerful exercise routine that includes hygiene and fitness techniques specific to your body type so you can sustain emotional health in any situation.

Are you tired of the emotional roller coaster?

Up and down, round and round.

If it's not your own roller coaster

it's someone close to you.

Everyone seems emotionally overwrought these days.

Whether its anger and resentment

Anxiety and fear

Sadness or depression

Or just plain numbness,

Whether it's close to the surface or buried deep 

The turmoil is palpable.

Something needs to shift.

And no matter what you try it’s just not happening...

You watch yourself reacting the same way over and over again.


So frustrating to feel so stuck!

Are you ready to address the problem at its core?

Are you ready to get off the emotional roller coaster once and for all?

Find Your Emotional Body Type and Reveal Its Secrets So You can Move Forward with Calm Confidence in Any Situation

Your mission is to discover your emotional body type and develop an exercise routine specific to your body type to attain emotional body health so you can handle any emotionally charged situation with confidence and ease.

Allow Me to be Your Guide

Mastering powerful emotional energies can be challenging.

Not knowing what to do with them.

Not wanting to suppress them.

Not wanting to be a drama queen.

Sometimes doing both...

But knowing there must be a better way.

Allow me to be your guide so you can relax and enjoy getting off the ride!

I have over 25 years of experience helping people transform quickly and easily, providing effective solutions for lasting change.

My PhD is from Ohio State University with a background in mind-body integration and an emphasis in energy medicine.

I have been teaching, writing and presenting about evolutionary life transformation for over 25 years, including co-presenting with Biology of Belief author Bruce Lipton, PhD.

I am blessed to live in Hawaii and am a Wellness Consultant at Four Seasons Resort Maui.

In this 9 week online training I provide you with user-friendly navigational tools, a clear map that charts every step of the way, easy to follow directions, and I'll never leave your side (unless you want me to!)

Here's what you get in my online course Use & Care of Your Emotional Body...

New material is released each week for 9 weeks (downloads included and extended time available). Work at your own pace through the short videos/audios, worksheets and assignments that require about an hour a week. Of course with inner work you can stretch or shrink it according to your needs.

Module 1: The Physiology and Psychology of the Energy Centers
In this module we explore the physiology and psychology of the seven main energy centers that contribute to emotional body health. Discover where your energy gravitates, the psycho-emotional implications of that, and how to shift your center so you can take control of your moods.

Module 2: Feeling Frequencies
Your state of mind is conditioned by feelings that vibrate at particular frequencies. Explore the frequency calibrations of various emotional states and discover your average feeling frequency. Gain insights into your emotional body that empower you with expanded self-awareness.

Module 3: Emotional Body Types
Here we explore the three main emotional body types, including their qualities, traits and tendencies. Take a self-assessment test to discover your emotional body type. Gain valuable insights into the inner workings of your emotional body and that of others so you can understand relational dynamics on deeper levels and respond to challenging situations in the best possible way.

Module 4: Summary & Workbook
In this module we bring it all together with a session of frequently asked questions and summary of highlights. I give you a downloadable workbook that contains all the material up to this point so you have easy access to it forever more.

Module 5: Emotional Body Hygiene
Just as we do certain activities to maintain physical body hygiene (such as showering, brushing teeth, etc.) there are simple but effective activities to help maintain emotional body hygiene. This module is filled with easy exercises that support emotional body health on a daily basis.

Module 6: Overweight Exercises
The overweight emotional body requires special care with exercises that are specific to this body type. This module is packed with tools, tips and techniques for bringing the overweight body back to health so you can get off the emotional roller coaster for good.

Module 7: Underweight Exercises
Like the overweight body, the Underweight Emotional Body also requires special care with exercises that are specific to this body type. This module is packed with tools, tips and techniques for bringing the underweight body back to health so you can awaken passion and feel more fully alive. 

Module 8: Healthy Body Exercises
Once your emotional body has returned to health, or even if it has been healthy all along, you will interact with other unhealthy emotional bodies. This module contains exercises to help with those encounters so you can maintain emotional body health come what may. 

Module 9: Your Unique Routine
In this module we bring it all together with a session of frequently asked questions and summary of highlights. I give you a workbook that contains all the exercises for all body types and guide you to devise your own unique-to-you exercise routine so you can sustain emotional body health in any situation.

My Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident you will benefit from my program that I offer a 100% money back guarantee. Enroll in the program. Take advantage of everything it has to offer. Participate to your heart's content. Complete the entire program and if you are not satisfied, let me know by the end of the program and I will refund every penny. It's 100% risk-free. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Enroll Now & Save $100

Take advantage of my $100 discount! This training is regularly $297 but you can enroll now for just $197. Offer expires 3-20-19

What People Are Saying...

Kecia Joy

Debra has been an amazing bridge for me in understanding so much on so many levels! I appreciate her brilliance, intuition, and skill as a teacher, a mentor, and a leader in the art of transformation.

Manuel Gomez

Debra is a fantastic teacher! She is able to synthesize a wealth of cutting edge information and bring it down to earth. Her programs are filled with powerful exercises. I recommend her classes to people who want to expand their knowledge on the use of their inner resources in their daily lives.

Adria Marin

Debra's inspirational teaching changed my life. She has a way of bringing deep esoteric wisdom into comprehensible reality. I greatly appreciate her practical guidance. She melds the two worlds of inner & outer that are so fundamental to our existence.


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