Discover How to Use Your "Inner GPS" to Find What's Been Holding You Back. You Can Break Through Your Personal Growth Barrier and Move Forward with Clarity & Confidence in 5 Weeks or Less


Develop Your
Inner GPS

The journey starts with honing your seven internal senses. Combined, these seven senses act as your navigational system--your inner GPS--as we explore your inner terrain.

Explore a Road Map of Your Interior

A GPS needs a reliable map in order to work. I give you a clear map of your interior so you don't take a wrong turn or end up in a bad neighborhood. This makes the journey easy and enjoyable.

Discover Your Hidden Zones

The less familiar areas of your inner map hold the key to what's been holding you back. I guide you to navigate these hidden zones to unlock your potential and empower yourself.

Have you hit a bump-in-the-road on your personal growth path?

You've been around the personal growth block a few times...

You’ve got some good tools in your toolkit.

But you've run into an obstacle.

Something needs to shift.

And no matter what you try it’s just not happening...

You watch yourself doing the same thing over and over again.


So frustrating to feel so stuck!

Or maybe you've been thrown off track by a major life event.

- a divorce
- a job loss
- a diagnosis

And you feel lost...

Almost like you don't know who you are anymore.

Because things are so different now...

Are you unsure of what direction you want your life to go?

Or maybe you've simply hit a plateau on your growth path.

Things are all too familiar.

Do you feel complacent?


You know there must be more...

But what is it?

Are you ready to advance your transformation and take it to the next level?

Find the Hidden Aspect of Your Life That's Holding You Back so You Can Move Forward with inner Clarity

Your mission is to develop your seven internal senses (your inner GPS) and use them to find the hidden aspect of your life that’s been holding you back, so you can move forward feeling empowered - with confidence and clarity.

Allow Me to be Your Guide

The journey into your own mind presents certain obstacles.

Not knowing which direction to go.

Not knowing exactly what you're looking for.

Taking a few detours along the way.

Sometimes getting lost...

But knowing you need to find that missing piece and make that shift.

Allow me to be your guide so you can relax and enjoy the journey!

I have over 20 years of experience helping people navigate their inner realms to easily make sense of what they find and discover important new areas to adventure along the way.

My PhD is from Ohio State University with a background in energy medicine and emphasis in energy psychology.

I have been teaching, writing and presenting about these topics for over 20 years, including co-presenting with Biology of Belief author Bruce Lipton, PhD.

I live in Hawaii and am a Wellness Consultant at Four Seasons Resort Maui.

In this 5 week online training I provide you with user-friendly navigational tools, a clear map that charts every step of the way, easy to follow directions, and I'll never leave your side (unless you want me to!)

Here's what you get in my online Inner Clarity Masterclass...

New material is released each week for 5 weeks (and you have access for a full 6-months). Work at your own pace through the short videos/audios, worksheets and assignments that require about 3 hours per week. Of course, with inner work, you can stretch or shrink it according to your needs.

Module 1: Your GPS System
In this module we shift from an external focus of relying on the endless and confusing opinions of friends, family and experts, to instead developing your internal senses. These seven senses are the navigational tools you need to connect with yourself inside so you can access your inner guidance. Your true guidance comes from inside you. It is unique to you and takes into account the totality of who you are, something no one else can ever know.

Module 2: The Test-Drive
Once you’ve established that connection inside yourself and honed your internal senses, it’s time to put your inner GPS skills to the test! In this module we do a fun and fascinating experiment to test-drive your skills.

Module 3: The Road Map
A GPS system needs a map in order to work. If roads are not clearly marked it’s easy to take a wrong turn or end up in a bad neighborhood. This module introduces a road map of your interior so you can use your newly developed inner GPS to safely navigate inside yourself. Having a clear map helps you recognize and identify what you encounter, making the journey easy and enjoyable.

Module 4: Your Journey
Even when following the official road map each person’s journey is unique. In this module you fill in the details of your inner journey, noting the landmarks and highlights you’ve discovered along the way. This fills out the picture, anchoring your awareness inside. It gives you a detailed map for future reference, a solid sense of self-knowledge and a deeper level of self-understanding.

Module 5: Your Hidden Zones Revealed
Certain areas of your inner map will be familiar to you and other areas will likely be less traveled or even hidden. These “off the beaten path” areas are the most valuable because they often hold the key to what’s been holding you back. Navigating these inner zones and getting to know them can awaken latent capabilities and reveal hidden answers, giving you the keys to unlock your potential and empower you with newfound confidence and clarity.

My Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Test drive the program for a full week. Take advantage of everything it has to offer and if you are not satisfied, let me know within 7 days and I will refund every penny--no questions asked.

Enroll Now & Get Started Right Away

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What People Are Saying...

Kecia Joy

Debra was an amazing bridge for me in understanding so much on so many levels! I appreciate her brilliance, intuition, and skill as a teacher, a mentor, and a leader in the art of transformation.

Manuel Gomez

Debra is a fantastic teacher! She is able to synthesize a wealth of cutting edge information and bring it down to earth. Her programs are filled with powerful exercises. I recommend her classes to people who want to expand their knowledge on the use of their inner resources in their daily lives.

Adria Marin

Debra's inspirational teaching changed my life. She has a way of bringing deep esoteric wisdom into comprehensible reality. I greatly appreciate her practical guidance. She melds the two worlds of inner & outer that are so fundamental to our existence.


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