Vital Body Use and Care

Get the tools, tips and techniques you need for a healthy vital body.

• Find your true energy source
• Sense your energy body
• Discover and protect yourself from the 7 energy thieves
• Explore your energy anatomy
• Become self-energizing (without artificial stimulants) 
• Relax when you want to
• Bounce back when you need to
• Recharge using your own energy
• Modulate your energy levels

Vital Body Use and Care, half price add-on

This is the "Use and Care" guide for your Vital Body. Your life force energy is the most precious aspect of your life. Discover what it's made of and how to protect and preserve it. Relax when you want to, bounce back when you need to, and do it all without artificial stimulants! In this this course I guide you through the Do's and Don'ts of sustaining consistent energy levels.

$147.00 USD