Energy Mastery Academy

A suite of classes to assist your self-actualization.

Online Courses

Energy Mastery for Self Care - The Art & Science of Applied Energetics: 48 CEs

This is it! The whole enchilada! The deep dive, year-long, all inclusive Energy Mastery program that includes all the...

$897.00 USD

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Refining Your Internal Senses: 4 CEs

You have inside of you inner resources so powerful that you could use them to alter physical reality. Explore and ref...

$147.00 USD

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Your Four Energy Bodies: 4 CEs

Have you ever felt pulled in different directions, unable to stop it, and wondered why? In this course you'll explore...

$147.00 USD

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Vital Body Use & Care: 8 CEs

Do you sometimes feel like you're dragging through the day? In this course you'll discover your true energy source, w...

$297.00 USD

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Emotional Body Use & Care: 8 CEs

Do your feelings sometimes get the best of you? In this course you'll get to know your emotional body and learn healt...

$297.00 USD

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Mental Body Use & Care: 8 CEs

What if you could turn your thoughts on and off like a light switch? In this course you'll learn techniques for maste...

$297.00 USD

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Spiritual Body Use & Care: 8 CEs

What if you could have clear, consistent access to your Higher Self on an ongoing basis? In this course you'll explor...

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Here's What You'll Learn To Become More of Your True Self

Your Four Energy Bodies

Get to know your hidden senses and your four energy bodies.

Use and Care of Your Vital Body

Find out how to take great care of your vital body for consistent energy levels.

Use and Care of Your Emotional Body

Discover how to sustain dynamic peace in any situation..

Use and Care of Your Mental Body

Understand how to work with thought-forms to manifest your intent.

Use and Care of Your Universal Body

Learn how to consistently connect with your Higher Self for reliable guidance.

Your Unique Self Care Routine

Create your unique self-care routine that serves you on all levels.