Energy Mastery for Self Care - The Art & Science of Applied Energetics: 48 CEs

This is it! The whole enchilada! The deep dive, year-long, all inclusive Energy Mastery program that includes all the other programs and then some!  Profound self-care based in science. Refine your internal senses, then embark on the journey of a lifetime, a carefully guided inner journey exploring your four aspects--vital, emotional mental and spiritual to create a powerful, unique-to-you self-care routine that directly addresses your needs on all levels. 48 CEs

Highlights below, learn more here:

Module 1: Refining Your Internal Senses

You have inside of you inner resources so powerful that you could use them to alter physical reality. Explore and refine your seven internal senses that help you access your healing powers.

• Harness your attention
• Access the power of intention
• Discover your mind's eye
• Assess your self-talk
• Refine your inner GPS
• Learn to control time
• Use your internal senses to alter physical reality

Module 2: Your Four Energy Bodies

Have you ever felt pulled in different directions, unable to stop it, and wondered why? In this course you'll explore your four energy bodies--vital, emotional, mental and universal--and assess the current condition of each so you can discover what's going on behind the scenes.

• Use your 7 internal senses
• Hone your inner GPS
• Explore a reliable map of your interior
• Assess each of your four energy bodies
• Fill in highlights of your personal map
• Discover how your four energy bodies work together
• Find the hidden aspect holding you back

Modules 3 & 4: Use & Care of Your Vital Body

Do you sometimes feel like you're dragging through the day? In this course you'll discover your true energy source, what's it's made of, and how to protect and preserve it so you can relax when you want to, bounce back when you need to, and do it all without artificial stimulants.

• Find your true energy source
• Sense your energy body
• Discover and protect yourself from the 7 energy thieves
• Explore your energy anatomy
• Become self-energizing (without artificial stimulants)
• Relax when you want to
• Bounce back when you need to
• Recharge using your own energy
• Modulate your energy levels

Modules 5 & 6: Use & Care of Your Emotional Body

Do your feelings sometimes get the best of you? In this course you'll get to know your emotional body and learn healthy constructive ways to deal with those powerful energies so you can be a calm, grounded presence in your work and in your life.

• Find your emotional body type
• Discover the current condition of your emotional body
• Avoid the two habitual unhealthy emotional modes
• Let go of difficult emotions quickly and easily
• De-escalate emotionally charged situations
• Express difficult feelings in healthy, constructive ways
• Change the energy of "negative" feelings in an instant
• Expand love and compassion
• Improve and deepen your relationships

Modules 7 & 8: Use and Care of Your Mental Body

What if you could turn your thoughts on and off like a light switch? In this course you'll learn techniques for mastering your mind so you can eliminate distracting thoughts and become more fully present in your work and in your life.

• Maximize your mental capacity
• Discover the difference between your brain and your mind
• Shut your thoughts off when you want to
• Discover your "second mind"
• Explore the behaviors of thought-forms
• Work directly with thought-forms
• Clear your mind at will
• Release repetitive or invasive thoughts
• Increase mental clarity and sharpen focus
• Expand your power to manifest intentions
• Hone your psychic abilities

Modules 9 & 10: Use & Care of Your Universal Body

What if you could have clear, consistent access to your Higher Self on an ongoing basis? In this course you'll explore the magic of higher states of consciousness and learn the secrets to accessing your Higher Self.

• Discover the five dimensions of consciousness
• Assess your current level of consciousness
• Expand your intuition
• Access higher states of consciousness
• Connect with your Higher Self
• Establish reliable communication with your Higher Self
• Discern Higher Self messages
• Transform energetic distortions
• Recalibrate your system to higher frequencies
• Experience unity consciousness

Modules 11 & 12: Integration and Your Self Care Routine

Once your four energy bodies are in a relatively healthy condition, it's time to integrate them, discover how they work together and devise an exercise routine to maintain their health on an ongoing basis. 

• Assess the current condition of your four energy bodies
• Compare with your assessment from the start of the program
• Choose appropriate exercises using the Master List provided
• Determine the time and intervals of each exercise
• Establish your unique-to-you self care routine
• Transform energetic blockages
• Revisit the curriculum and adjust your routine as needed
• Experience profound self-care on an ongoing basis

Enjoy your new life! 

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